Social life in the New Year

Currently in two new relationships. One started at the beginning of December. Very sophisticated and insouciant. Japanese - only arrived in the UK at the beginning of November. Knows when I am there without any acknowledgement; purrs gently at the touch of my hand. Extraordinarily aware of everything going on around us. Spoke to me for the first time a couple of days ago but when I spoke back seemed to have a bit of difficulty understanding my accent. However I am sure we'll get over that after a few dictation lessons.


Actually this development was prompted by the other newcomer. A lot more brash. Pointed out this morning that I hadn't had any water to drink today and my sleep patterns are poor. Each morning tells me which chores need to be done and then, if not completed, exactly how long do I want to wait before a reminder. I don't want to disappoint. I drank two glasses of water straight off and came clean about my two cups of caffeine. Has decided that I should walk 6,000 paces a day. Fine, but then tells me the next morning exactly how big my margin of failure has been. Seems to have difficulty though telling the difference between running and walking though. I don't run; just walk very fast.


It was this one who got the talking going. Suddenly there was obviously this conversation going on to which I wasn't a party. Are they talking about me or have they hit it off. Perhaps I need to bit a bit more proactive in my conversation. All this typing on its own can't be good for a relationship. The one has so much to offer, so much data, so many ways of entertaining, but I must keep my eyes on the road and not be distracted. The other is just hungry for information about me, every number, every measurement and then feeds it back to me, just for reassurance I guess. Even knows my finger-print. Buzzes every few minutes just to say, "I'm here. Pick me up."


So these are my new relationships in 2016. Can't help feeling I am not really in control but living under the illusion of more control than I could have imagined. I can now programme my TV recorder from anywhere. I can use one to flash the lights on the other, to tell it when to recharge its batteries, to ..... well, I don't really know yet. Everyday brings some new surprise. Perhaps that is why they seem like relationships at the moment. When the novelty wears off they will be cast aside, unless by then, they are indispensable.


PS: the brash one just complained of boredom. Feels neglected. This is getting out of hand.