1. "Ragging"

Feb 23 1916 Cambridge

Miss E Blackmote, Purley Schools, Russell Hill, Purley, Surrey

Dear Stella, Glad to hear that you passed your Cambridge Examination: hope you will continue to study and try your best. Best love from all. Auntie.

2. "A Bit of Old Cambridge"

Cambridge Street Tramways operated between 1880 and 1914.

3. Good Bye Cambridge!!

This postcard is a cartoon depicting the result of the January 1910 general election when the sitting Liberal MP Stanley O B Buckmaster lost his Cambridge seat to the Conservatives. He was Chancellor 1915-1916 under Prime Minister Asquith.

4. "Cambridge Up To Date"

More information about the history of doubledecker buses in Cambridge can be found here:


5. 'Cambs Temperance Centenary 1907'

The Cambridge Independent Press reported 18/10/1907 on the Cambridge Temperance Jubilee (celebrating 50 years, not 100.) The article notes how the old temperance societies have died out, to be replaced by a general interest in Social Reform.