Marcus Juliusberg was a hotelier born 1788, probably near Kobelwitz. He married Rosalie Haberkorn (b 1803) in 1825. They may have had at least two children (see below).


Their son, Isidor Juliusberg was a doctor born 13th February 1830 [possibly 1 March 1826] in Kobelwitz (Kobylice) south of Breslau (Wroclaw). He lived at Museumplatz 10, Breslau and died 4th November 1888.


Isidor's parents owned a small estate which they farmed. He went to the grammar school at Ratibor and then to the university at Breslau where he became a protégée of Professor Betschier. On July 29th he published his dissertation "de tuberculosi ejusve ad scrophulosim relationibus." From then on he worked continuously as a general practitioner in Breslau. He was for a long time the doctor at the Ruffer'schen factories and the Mochberner sugar factories. He worked right through the time of the cholera epidemics. In February 1888 he was diagnosed with Bright's disease which brought about his death.


He married twice, first to 1858 Klara Mendel (b. 1835 Liegnitz / Legnica)and then to Eleonora Pavels (d. 1894).


With Klara he had three (possibly four) children:

  1. Franz: b 22nd December 1865 in Breslau, he married Johanna Sara Nathusius 13th May 1893 in Hamburg. He died 8th February 1936. He went to Hamburg in 1884 and lived at Hagerdorn Str. 51. He was earning circa 28,000 marks per year. He applied for a passport every year - very unusual at the time.  In 1899 applied for and received Hamburg citizenship.  Hepner and Juliusberg, founded in 1895,  were an importer and exporter of  tannic acid based in Hamburg. As a 'Jewish' business they were Aryanized by the Nazi government in 1938. He died shortly after his 70th birthday party.
  2. Richard: 1858 Breslau
  3. Ludwik[g]: b. 1860 Breslau who married Clara Berndt. Ludwig died in 1924 at Mittenwalde; Clara in the UK. They had two children, Gerda Juliusberg who married Walter Landsberg, and Ruth Juliusberg. All three died in the UK without children.
  4. Max Juliusberg: doctor of medicine, died 1932.

With Eleonora he had three children:

  1. Fritz: b. 16th February 1872 Breslau, marr. Gertrude Eppenstein 1903, d. 25th March 1939 Wilmersdorf, Berlin. They had one daughter, Eleonore (1905-1969) who married Kurt Woiczechowski (1904-1991). Fritz studied medicine at Breslau and became a distinguished dermatologist and director at the Municipal Hospital of Posnan. In 1919 moved to Braunschweig. He identified Kaposi-Juliusberg syndrome. In 1939 he took his own life.
  2. Rosalie [Rose] Fredericke: b.1877 Breslau d. 1942. She married Bruno Teichmann, a doctor and they had two children, Hans Teichmann (1902 - 1969) and Eva Teichmann (1906-1980), both doctors.
  3. Walter: b 1875 Breslau. In 1945 he was listed as Jewish survivor in the 24th August edition of Aufbau. Walter had a son, Heinz Juliusberg (1906-1958) who married Martha Reinhardt (1902-)

Franz Juliusberg and Johanna had two children:

  1. Ernst Anton b. 1894 Hamburg d. 1985 probably in Netherlands. he had a tempestuous relationship with his first wife, Constanze 'Conny' Adelheid Van der Does [Kempe] b.1889 Frankfurt, whom he married (first in 1923 in Gravenhage) and divorced twice, and was about to marry a third time when she died in 1950. He then married Marceline Van der Hende. They had one daughter.
  2. Clara Margarethe 'Gangy' b. 31st July Hamburg, d. 25th June 1969 Cambridge, England. She had trained as nursery teacher and then worked as a nurse at Glotterbad, Schwarzwald, where she met her future husband, Ernst Julius Arndt. They married 8th December 1921 in Hamburg. They had two children, Ulrich Wolfgang, b. 1924 Berlin d. 2006 Cambridge, and Eleanor who died only three days old in 1939.
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It seems very likely that Lina Galewsky 91834-1889), born Juliusberg, who married Louis Galewsky (1819-1895), a Breslau liqueur manufacturer, was the sister of Isidor Juliusberg.

Lina and Louis are both buried in the Jewish cemetary in Breslau (Wroclaw). Their son Eugen Emanuel (1864-1935), trained in medicine and specialised in dermatology at the same time as Fritz Juliusberg. He was forced by Nazi regulations to give up research in Leipzig where he had been based since 1891 and his own practice declined rapidly. His death in 1835 was from cardiac arrest/suicide.

Eugen Galewsky
Eugen Galewsky