Marcus Nathan had been granted the privilege to live in Schivelbein in 1717 and worked as a schaechter (kosher butcher). He died before 1740. His son, Philipp Nathan (1723 - 1800) and wife Engelchen had three children:

  1. Philip Jacob: b 1749 marr Rebecca Marcus. They had four children.
  2. Samuel Nathan Nathusius: b 1763, d 1854. From Tuetz in West Prussia, he adopted the name Nathusius in 1812 to take advantage of the new citizenship granted to Jews with a permanent family name. He moved to Stargard. He had two sons, Jacob and Zar Levi.
  3. Nathan Philipp Nathusius: b 1753, he also adopted the name Nathusius in 1812. He married Hanne Joel [Goel] (b 1761 d 1853 Koslin). They had four children.

The four children of Nathan Philipp and Hanne:

  1. August Adolp 'Abraham': b 1786, he became an officer in the Prussian cavalry and retired as "Rittmeister", equivalent to major. He married Baroness Malwina von Selmetz in 1819 at a Catholic church in Baden Baden. They had one son, Carl Hugo August Nathusius.
  2. Carl 'Hirsch': b 1789. He married Charlotte Wilhelmine Auguste von Taubenheim. They had one daughter, Malwina Eulalie Nathusius who went to Australia and married Joseph Abrahams.
  3. George 'Israel': b 1791 he was the lay president of a synagogue. In 1835 he was a kaufmann in Koslin.
  4. Anton 'Aron': b 12 May 1800 in Schivelbein, he died 13th December 1862 in Koslin. He married Sara Borchardt (b 1817 Koslin d 1865 Berlin) and they had five children. He was a dance teacher and was the only one of four brothers who did not convert from Judaism. At the end of the 1830s he took the position of a postal clerk.

The five children of Anton and Sara were:

  1. Julie: b 1810 Koslin d 1901 Bamberg. She married Heinrich Strauss, a rich hop dealer. They had 3 boys and 4 girls.
  2. Minna: b 1828 she married a Dr Eichelbaum.
  3. Otto: b 16th October 1829 Koslin, d 7th May 1900 Berlin. At the age of 16 he went to Stettin and then to the USA. He was in London 2nd August 1851 with his brother-in-law Joseph Strauss. In 1857 he became a US citizen working mainly in Houston as a merchant. He became a major in Waul's Legion Texas Confederate Regiment and in 1864 was in Timmon's Regiment under General James M Hawes. In 1865 he returned with his family to Berlin and manufactured boilers and railway parts. He then set up a factory making textiles. He married Sara Fuchs in Houston in 1855 and had eight children. One of his grandchildren was the Dutch writer Marie-Sophie Nathusius (1906-2002).
  4. Rosa: b 1831 married Joseph Strauss.
  5. Baruch Berthold: b 14th November 1842 Koslin, d. 12 Mar 1904 Hamburg. Buried at the Ohlsdorf cemetery. He married Jeanette Wolff in Koslin 17th December 1868. They had three children.

The three children of Baruch Berthold and Jeanette were:

  1. Max Anton [Israel]: b 17th May 1870 Hamburg, d 1959 Detroit, buried Ohlsdorf cemetary Hamburg. He sailed from Barcelona on the Villa Madrid arriving at New York 13th July 1941. He had married Edith Sara Jessurin in 1898. They had two children, Walther Berthold (1900 - 1938) and Editha 'Ditha' Jeanette (b 1904). She had travelled to the USA with her husband, Ernest Gans, in 1938.
  2. Johanna Sara 'Hanne': b 25th December 1872 Hamburg; d. 17th July 1942 at 101 Grindelhof, Hamburg - a hostel for elderly Jews. She married Franz Juliusberg in 1893 but at some point before 1921 had divorced him. They had two children, Ernst Anton and Clara Margarethe.
  3. Hans Walter b 1877 Hamburg married Lissy Reyersbach in 1907. They travelled on the SS Stavelot from Antwerp in 1946 to New York. They then continued via New Orleans to Colombia and then Guatemala. They four children: Lilly (1908 - 2012) , Berthold Hans (b 1909), Werner Anton (1914 - 2008) and Anne Marie (1919 - 1969).
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