James walker and annie barton

James and Annie married in 1874. they had 7 children:

  1. Mary Howard: b and d 1875 Wigan
  2. Howard James: b 7th March 1878 at Standish. Died St Pancras, London 4th Apr 1937. He joined Messrs Walker and Rogers Mining Engineers in 1901 and trained under his father. From 1906 the firm was Messrs Kellett, Ellis, Walker and Rogers. He was a director on the board of the Grundys' coal mine but fell out with the family. He  introduced the system of getting miners to shower at the mine and  change in and out of their clothes there rather than at home  He played quartets and married the younger sister of a musical friend. A quiet  man with good sense of humour, liked to read Pickwick Papers every  Christmas. He bought Dalton Grange fom Capt Prescott. It had been empty for 18 years.  There was no electricity and the site occupied 17 acres including 3 fields and 3 ponds. He married Martha Ellen 'Chickie' 'Patti' Grundy in 1905 at Southport. They had four daughters.
  3. Beatrice Marian 'Trixie': b 1882 d 1973. She married George Edward Walker Henderson in 1911. He was a doctor from Edinburgh. They had three children.
  4. Humphrey: b 1880 d 1966. He married Helen Fernihough in 1911. He was a mechanical engineer and with no children of his own, brought up his illegitimate nephew Angeletto.
  5. Alice Margaret 'Daisy': b 1886 d 1972. She was musical and joined her cousin, Lily Brayton in London. She played the part of Marguerite in Chu Chin Chow. She had an illegitimate son, Angeletto, by the Italian dancer Angelo Gualtieri. In a 1930 passenger list his date of birth is given as 1889 and he has come from Argentina. Angeletto was probably born around 1925; he later went to America and married.
  6. Edward Barton 'Barty': b 1884 d 1955. he was the technical director of Walker Bros until 1951. He married Phyllis W Barron in Conway in 1913 and they had two children.
  7. Nona Ruth 'Nonnie': b 1891 d 1965. Name recorded sometimes as Nora. She married Harold 'Harry' Roberts in 1914 and they had two children.

Various documents

Ode to the Chicklets (apologies) Chochlets

Our dearest Chick, we write you know

To thank you for the toffies

It was most kind, and a Propos –

None of the creams are coffees.

Patricia sweet, you were to good,

You took us by surprise.

We sit and guzzle, while the boys

Look on with longing eyes.

You’d ne’er have found a better way,

To have our favour courted

Than by this box you sent this day,

Of “Emperor – Assorted”

We tastes the chocks, when we came in,

And Howard made an awful din.


Trixey Walker A.S.S.; R.A,T (Scribbler)

Daisy Walker C.A.T.; (a) W.A.L.L. (sing)

Nonny Walker S.”.U.;E.A.K. (violin)

Wedding of Howard and Martha Ellen in 1905
Wedding of Howard and Martha Ellen in 1905
Dalton Grange, Parbold
Dalton Grange, Parbold

29th January 1905 cutting from The Southport Visi…

Fashionable wedding at Holy Trinity

Walker – Grundy

A large congregation assembled at Holy Trinity Church, Southport, on Wednesday afternoon to witness the marriage of Mr Howard Walker, eldest son of Mr Jas. H.Walker of Wigan and Southport, and Miss Patti Grundy, daughter of the later Mr James Grundy and of Mrs Grundy, of Westleigh, Alexandra Road, Southport. The service was fully choral, Mr H Hudson presiding at the organ, and the nuptial know was tied by the vicar, the Rev C S Hope, MA. As the bridge entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr Arthur Grundy, who gave her away, it was seen that she was attired in a magnificent gown off ivory duchesse satin, made in Louis XV style, the entire front of the skirt being composed of real old Brussels lace and pearls, the gift of her mother, and French knots. It was mounted over an underdress of ivory glace with deep accordion flounce. The bodice was draped with a vaporous fichu of real old lace to match the skirt, and was handsomely embroidered with pearls. The veil was of silk Brussels net edged with narrow lace to match, having in one corner a horse-shoe of chiffon and pearls, and from which a shower of orange blossom completed the whole effect. She carried a bouquet of orchids, lilies, and orange blossom, the gift of the bridegroom. Miss Annie Grundy, sister of the bride, and Miss Trixie Walker, sister of the bridegroom, acted as bridesmaids, and wore charming gowns of cream chiffon taffetas, made after the Dresden pattern, beautifully appliquéd with hand-painted roses, the bodices being daintily trimmed with brown and cream Chantilly lace, with double cross over capes of the taffetas and lace. They wore lovely picture hats made of chiffon, daintily shaded from cream to brown, and with clusters of pink roses to harmonise with gown. They carried exquisite muffs made of the same shaded chiffon and lace, and from which hung sprays of pink rosebuds. Their presents from the bridegroom were art pendants. Among the guests present in the church, and at the subsequent reception at Westleigh were: - Mr and Mrs James Walker, Mr Barton Walker, Miss Daisy Walker, Miss Louise Walker, Mrs Grundy, Miss Grundy and Miss M Grundy, Mr and Mrs Albert E Grundy, Mr and Mrs Fred Grundy, Mr and Mrs Geo. Walker (Liverpool), Mr and Mrs T A Walker, Mr and Mrs Edwin Walker, Mr and Mrs T Ratcliff Ellis (Wigan), Mr and Mrs W Ratcliff Ellis (Wigan). Mrs Henderson (Edinburgh), Mr A W Grundy (Prestwich), Mrs Edwin Grundy (Ormskirk), Mrs Brayton (Hindley), Miss Barton (Wigan) and the Rev C.S.Hope and Mrs Hope.

The pair left fro London en route for Davos Platz, Switzerland, where the honeymoon is being spent. The bride’s travelling costume was a red-cloth coat and skirt with sable fur, cerise-coloured straw hat trimmed with roses, and a fur lined travelling cloak. Messrs Peter Rigby and the Southport Carriage Co. supplied the handsome equipages.

Appended is a

List of Presents

Bridegroom to bridge – fittend crocodile dressing case

Bride to bridgroom – travelling bag and dressing case

Bride to “Best Man” – gold sleeve-links

Bridegroom to bridesmainds – gold and turquoise pendants and chains

Mother of the bride – cheque, household linen, silver, etc]Mr and Mrs J H Walker – cheque

Miss Grundy – silver table lamp and brass cake stands

Miss Millie Grundy – silver tea service

Miss Annie Grundy – dessert service and oak writing table

Mr J A Grundy – two artist’s proof engravings

Miss Trixie Walker – dinner service

Miss Daisy Walker – silver salts

Miss Nona Walker –breakfast heater

Mr Humphrey Walker – Grandfather clock

Mr Barton Walker – silver candlesticks

Mr and Mrs Albert E Grundy (waterloo) – China tea service

Mr and Mrs Alfred E Grundy – fish carvers

Mr and Mrs Fred Grundy (Huyton) – fish knives and forks

Maids at West Leigh – silver and cut glass vases

Maids at 8, Park Avenue – set of china jugs

Mr and Miss Barton (Wigan) – brass coal scuttle

Mrs Brayton (Hindley) – pewter bowl

Mr and Mrs J Ratcliffe Ellis (Wigan) – cheque

Mr and Mrs W Ratcliffe Ellis (Wigan) – cheque

Miss Beth Ellis (Wigan) – silver vases

Mr Arthur Ellis (Wigan) – cheque

Mr and Mrs Arthur Fair (Haigh) – leather writing cabinet and blotter

Mr and Mrs Stephen France, junr. (Wigan) – case of silver spoons

Mrs J H Gregory – vases

Mrs A Walker Grundy (Prestwich)

Mrs E Grundy and family (Ormskirk) - carved oak table

Mr Harrison Grundy – oak clock

Mrs Henderson (Edinburgh) – silver revolving breakfast dish

Dr and Mrs Percy Henderson (Galashiels) – breakfast warmer

Mr T Syme Henderson (Galashiels) – silver pepperettes

Misses Jackson (Prestwich) – cheque

Miss Edith Jackson (Prestwich) – carved oak corner cupboard

Mr and Mrs John Slingsby (Lytham) – silver manicure set

Mr and Mrs George Walker (Liverpool) – silver entrée dishes

Mr and Mrs J Scarisbrick Walker – Rosewood folding writing table

Mr and Mrs T A Walker – canteen of silver

Cousins at 7, Cambridge Road – silver bon-bon dish

Mr and Mrs E R Walker – silver hot-water jug

Dorothy and Dickie – art vase

Mr and Mrs W F Walker (Liverpool) - carriage clock

Mrs John Walker (Radcliffe) – silver teapot

Mrs Arkle (West Derby) – silver fruit spoons

Mr Gordon Ackerley – silver vases

Mt and Mrs Walter Baxendalell – silver butter dish and toast rack

Mr and Mrs Eustace Baxendell – dutch vase

Misses E and M Baxendell – copper spirit kettle

Miss Evelyn Bentley (Fallowfield) – satin table centre

Mr and Mrs R W Brighouse (Ormskirk) – coalport coffee cups and saucers

Mr Booth (Wigan) – knife machine

Mrs Carter – silver muffin dish

Dr Weldon Carter – silver paper knife

Mr Langton Carter – egg cruet

Mr Herbert Dickson (London) – silver cardcase

Mr W B Dixon (Coalbrookvale) – silver spoons, spoons

Miss Emmott (London) – table cloth

Nurse Fenton – silver photograph frames

Miss Fernihough – silver salts

Mr F Fernihough – smoking cabinet

Mr P Fernihough – hanging gong

Mrs Gawith – four silver bon-bon dishes

Rev J S and Mrs Gardner (Melling) – pair of brass candlesticks

Miss Glover – flower vases

Mr Gerald Hewlett (Wigan) – silver pepperettes

Rev C S and Mrs Hope – silver tea caddy

Miss and Mr Norman Holden – silver clock

Mrs W E Hobbs – candlesticks

Mr and Mrs Edward Hulme (West Didsbury) – brass fire screen

Dr Hulton – piece of china

Mr and Mrs Henry Hudson – satin table centre

Mr and Mrs Oswald Kellett (Burscough) – dessert knives and forks, and a wagon of coal

Miss Mary Knowles – Crown Derby tea cups and saucers

Mr and Mrs A H Leach – silver salver

Mr and Mrs P McEwan – silver serviette rings

Miss Oliver (Wigan) – silver stamp case

Miss Ramsden – silver mustard pot

Mr and Mrs Moore Richardson – bust, “Genie”

Mrs Ridgway – silver photoframes

Mrs Roberts and family – case of silver spoons

Mrs and Miss Rogers (Parbold) – case of carvers

Mr and Mrs H Milward Rogers (Parbold) – camera

Mr and Mrs R M Robertson (London) – pewter vase

Mr and Mrs henry Shelmerdine – silver vase

Miss Sidebotham – Duchesse set and sachet

Mrs Marcus Towell – art vase

Mr Stanley Thompson – silver candlesticks

Mr and Mrs Hirst Walker – silver marmalade pot

Miss Marjorie Wood – silver salts bottle

Mr H Wall – chining carriage clock

Messrs Fox and Co – Art glass and silver scent bottle

Mr Samuel Jackson (Lord Street) – Crepe de chine blouse

2nd Feb 1905 Euston Hotel

My dear Arthur

I did not take a proper leave of you yesterday and forgot to thank you for your gift at the altar. I know you are very fond of Chickie and must have felt parting with her; I can only say that I thank you for your confidence in me and that I appreciate her unselfish and affectionate nature and that I love her dearly and will do all in my power to make her life a happy one.

Your affectionate brother-in-law

Howard J Walker.