james Grundy and Martha Jackson

James b 16th February 1839 Unsworth d 24 December 1901 at 24 Alexandra Road, Southport. At the time of his marriage to Martha Jackson 27 September 1865 he was a bookkeeper in Prestwich. By 1881 he was a colliery agent living at Holy Fold Road, Bickerstaffe with eight children and two srvants.


The Heyfield, Westleigh and Lower Hall collieries were sold by the  executors of James Diggle to James Grundy of Bickerstaffe on  31/3/1884 who along with other partners formed the West Colliery Co  Ltd on 12/7/1884. The mines lists show that Lower Hall Colliery  closed on 18/1/1929, the other two remained open until Feb 1937. 


'WiganWorld' records the death of James Grundy of Brynn Hall collieries  24.12.1901 in his 63rd year. He used to commute from his house, Bannel Head, south of Kendal.  He  owned the coal mines with two of his children, Alfred Ernest and Fred.


James and Martha had nine children:

  1. Albert Edwin: b 1867 d 1913 marr Amelia Wrigley 1896 Southport. In 1891 he was a ship banker's clerk; in 1901 a builder's merchant. They had one son, Edwin. Albert left an estate of £1,854.
  2. Edward: died young but left one son.
  3. James Arthur: born 1869 d 1954. He practised as a solcitor in Manchester for 63 years from 1891. He had a home in Albert Road, Southport and  also 'Battlefield,' Church Stretton, Shropshire.
  4. Edith 'Needy' Mary: b 1871 d 1931. Never married; she had been engaged to a rich brewer but backed off because she  disapproved of living off 'demon drink.'  When she died she left an estate of £6,557 18s 7d to Eliza Wood, widow, and William Abel Grundy (relationship unknown), bank cashier.
  5. Alfred Ernest: b 1872 d 1954 marr Cecile Mary Dickson 1900 Southport. In 1901 they lived at 33 Knowlsey Road, Southport and in 1904 he was a colliery proprietor. He was told by mining engineer Howard J Walker,  his brother-in-law, to shut down his pit as it had exhausted its coal. But the Grundys kept on extracting lots of money as directors from the firm and there was a major legal dispute between him and other members of the family who were share holders in the Bryn Hall Colliery Co which came to court in May 1920. He was forced to leave Lancashire and moved to Essex. Alfred and Cecile had seven children: Cecile. b 1901, Winifred Lovice b 1901, James 'Jim' Herbert Nevyl b 1903 d 1968, Alfred Lionel 'Mickey' b 1904 d 1984, George 'Rex' Reginald b 1907 d 1987, Phyllis M b 1911 d 1981, Jean Margaret b 1916.
  6. Frederick William 'Frank': b 1875 d 1959. He married Helen East 'Nellie' Broadbent in 1903 in Southport. He was a mining engineer and they had four children.
  7. Amelia Jackson 'Milly': b 1877 in Bickerstaffe d 1960. She married Rev Thomas Holme in 1916. They had two children.
  8. Annie Elizabeth: b 1878 she married Percy Fernihough in 1906. They had two children.
  9. Martha Ellen 'Chickie': b 13th June 1881 Bickerstaffe d 25 Aug 1962. She married Howard James Walker in 1905. They had four daughters.
Account of Bryn Hall colliery court case
The Wigan Observer and District Advertis
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August 23rd 1903 wedding Holy Trinity Church Southport of Helen East Broadbent and Frederick William Grundy

Standing (L to R): Lady Broadbent, Samuel Broadbent, Man, Man, Lady, Man, Lady, Bride, Man, Groom, Lady, Howard James Walker, Martha Ellen Grundy, James Arthur Grundy, Stuart Richards, Cyril Broadbent

Seated: Lady Broadbent, Edith Mary Grundy, Martha Jackson Grundy, Mona Violet Broadbent, Sarah Broadbent Taylor, Mabel Broadbent, Amelia Jackson Grundy (Millie), Rev Grubb

Press cutting Southport 23rd April 1903

Grundy ….

Both parties …… Fredrick William Grundy, son of the late Mr. James Grundy, Alexandra Road, Southport, and Miss Helen East Broadbent, daughter of the late Mr. Samuel East Broadbent of Belfast and Douglas. The Rev. ?? Grub ?? officiated, being assisted by the Rev C.S.Hope (Vicar of Holy Trinity). The bride was attired in a beautiful dress of accordion crepe de chine and chiffon with gloves and lace trimmings, together with gauze veil and wreath of real orange blossom. Her brother , Mr S.A.Broadbent, gave her away. There were four bridesmaids – the Misses Mabel and Violet Mona Broadbent, and the Misses Millie and Annie Grundy. There dresses consisted of cream chiffon over cream silk, with lace coats and touches of pale blue, and hats to match. They also carried bouquets of carnations. Mrs Taylor aunt of the bride, wore a dress of black silk, trimmed with Maltese lace, and also wore a black bonnet with pink roses, and carried a bouquet of pink roses. Miss Broadbent (sister) was handsomely attired in a dress of pale blue with a black hat. She carried a bouquet of yellow roses. Miss Beatrice Broadbent’s dress ?? heliotrope with heliotrope hat. She carried a bouquet of William Allen Richardson roses. Miss Audrey Broadbent was attired in a cream dress with blue hat, adorned with pink roses, and carried a bouquet of pink roses. Miss McFerran (Belfast) was attired in grey, with trimmings of lace and tangerine. She has a black hat and carried a bouquet of William Allen Richardson roses. Miss Kirk (Belfast) wore a dress of pale blue, with black and white hat. She also carried a bouquet of yellow roses. Miss Grundy was attired in a dress of grey crepe de chine, trimmed with lace, and also had a floral toque. Miss P Grundy’s dress was of cream voile, trimmed with roses. Mrs Grundy was attired in a dress of black silk with a black toque. Miss Jackson’s dress was of biscuit-coloured voile, trimmed with green satin. Her toque was of green satin. Mr Stuart Richards acted as best man. At the reception subsequently held were the following among others in addition to the names already mentioned: - Mr Cyril Broadbent, Mr J W Taylor, Colonel, Mrs and Miss Richards, Lady Dobson, Mr L Dobson, Mr P Gordon Dobson, Miss Dobson (Teignmouth), Misses Harrison, Mrs Harrison, the Rev C.S. and Mrs Hope, the Misses Sadler, the Rev C Grub, the Rev Gerald Richardson, Dr and Mrs Popert, Mr Lamort Cauthey (Belfast), Mr Macoun (Belfast), Miss A Fisher, Mrs Hammond Fisher, Miss Learoyd (bardsley), Mr and Mrs Storey, Mrs Knowles (Park-road).

The newly married pair afterwards departed for London. The bride’s travelling costume was of grey, with trimmings of white, together with a black hat.

The dresses were supplied by Mrs Butterworth.

Messrs Peter Rigby were responsible for the handsome equipages.

List of Presents

Bridegroom to bride – diamond ring and watch bracelet

Bride to bridegroom – diamond pin

Mrs Grundy – House linen, cheque, and cutlery

The Misses Grundy – carved oak table, complete set of table glass, decanters, silver and cut glass claret jug and dessert service

Mrs Taylor – Silver sugar dredger


The Misses Broadbent – pearl and gold necklace, pearl and diamond ring, painting and cushion

Mr Broadbent – Silver tea and coffee service, with hot water jug

Mr Cyril D Broadbent – case of silver dessert knives and forks

Mr J W Taylor – silver entrée dish

Mr J A Grundy – cheque

Mr and Mrs A E Grundy (Waterloo) – tea service

Mr and Mrs Alfred Grundy – etchings

Lady Dobson (Bolton) Silver muffin dish

Mr Lorrimer A Dobson (Bolton) – Silver cake basket

Mr P Gordon Dobson (Teignmouth) – Case of silver teaspoons and sugar tongs

Mrs Palin – silver dish

The Misses Palin – Dutch china candlesticks and vase

Miss Palin (Church Street) – pair of cut-glass and silver vases

Mr and Mrs Percy N Palin (Gloucester) – antique silver box

Mrs Edwin Grundy and family (Ormskirk) – case of silver fish knives and forks

Mr and the Misses Jackson (Prestwich) – case of carvers

Miss Edith Jackson (Prestwich) – carved oak mirror

The Misses Harrison (I.O.M.) – Crown Derby vase

Mr and Mrs Harrison (I.O.M.) – silver serviette rings

Mrs Birbeck Wilson (Liverpool) – silver hot water jug

The Misses Wilson (Liverpool) painted panel and carved oak frame

Lady Patterson (Holywood, Co Down) – tea cosy

Lieut-Colonel and Mrs Richards – Cut glass and silver salts bottle

Mr Stuart E Richards – case of silver salts

Mr and Mrs J Corbett Wright (Wilmslow) – silver tea tray

The Rev C Grub (Montrose, N.B.) – silver photograph frame

The Misses McFerran (Belfast) – silver pre servers

Mr and Mrs J H McFerran (Belfast) – silver cake basket

Dr and Mrs J A Popert – case of silver teaspoons

Mr and Mrs J Fairrie – case of silver pepperettes

Mr Howard Walker – case of silver candlesticks

The Rev C.S. and Mrs Hope – silver and glass jam jar

Mrs Croysdale (Liverpool) – Silver mustard pot

Office staff of the West Leigh Colliery Co Ltd – Grandfather’s clock

Dr R M Littler – Royal Worcester vases

Miss Kirk (Belfast) – silver entrée dish

Mr and Mrs C P Story – silver pot-pourri box

Mr J Ffolliott and Miss Magrath – silver crumb scoop

Mr and Mrs R Hirst Walker – standard lamp

Miss Doris Walker – lamp shade

Miss Eva Bateman –Limerick lace handkershief

The Rev W H Marsden – church service

Miss Livsey – lace and painted fan

Mt J Baillie Arkle (west Derby) – silver and ivory fish carvers

Mr and Mrs E Baxendell – Oak tray and three brass jugs

Miss and Messrs P and F Fernihough – Doulton Ware bowl

Rev W and Mrs Gardner (Insch, N.B.) – cut-glass and silver scnet bottle

Mr, Mrs and Miss Kidosn – silver case clock and silver night-light holder

Mr and Mrs F Neil (Belfast) – silver and glass cryuet

Messrs G and N Davis (liverpool) – large silver fruit dish

Mr Lionel H Franceys (Blackpool) – silver cream jug

Mr W Godfrey Macown (Belfast) – afternoon tea set and tray

The Misses Todd – silver dish

Miss Hebblethwaite (Norfolk) – Painting – “The Kentish Maid”

Miss Fisher – silver toast rack

Miss Bateman – draw linen cloth

Miss McClure – silver bob-bon dishes

Mr and Mrs Edgar Walley (Withington) – painting on easel

Mr and Mrs Bruce Anderson – Royal Worcester vase

Mr Reginald Unwin – silver and cut-glass scent bottle

Mrs Page and Mrs Bradley (Huyton) – cake stand and plate

Miss Kershaw (Birkdale) – Handkerchief case

Mrs J Sutton – bronze vase

Dr and Mrs A E Cox – silver bread fork

Mrs Strong – pair of vases

Messrs Henry Pidduck and Sons – silver and china coffee service and spoons

Mrs Perry – tea cosy

Mrs and the Misses Hope (Cambridge Road) – brass coffee urn

Mr G and Miss Furst – cushion

Mrs Towle – travelling clock

Mrs Gunning (Cookstown, Co Tyrone) – Carrickmacross collar and handkerchief

The Misses Knowles (Park Road) – pair of silver flower vases

Miss B Rowe (I.O.M.) – silver dish

Miss C Leech – Browning’s poems

Nurse Pimm – table centre

Miss Bertha Fisher – silver and china butter dish

Miss G Wood (I.O.M) –m silver pepperettes

Mr Forrester (Belfast) – pair of silver dishes

Mr A.N.Holden – eight day clock

Mrs Hobbe – pair of Venetian vases

Miss Nellie Harvey (Liverpool) – afternoon tea cloth

Mr C M Massey and Mr R Kendall – silver revolving soup dish

Mr and Mrs Arthur Chadwick – silver toast rack

The Misses Nichols – set of dessert doyleys

Mr and Mrs J C Heald – pair of art jugs

Mrs Cragg and Miss Smith – carved oak table

Mrs Howarth (Mirfield) – table centre

The Misses Ball – fire screen

Miss Holden – silver jam spoons, pickle fork, and butter knife

Miss Burrows (Headingley) – silver matchbox

Mrs Schnibben – Mount Melick tray cloth

Mrs and Miss Taylor (Hawkshead Street) – Silver button hook, glove hook, and shoehorn

Miss Billington – afternoon tea cloth

Dr and Mrs Bailey – pair of china vases


Mrs Harris and Mr and Mrs Whitty (Hoylake) – pair of silver fruit spoons

Mr and Mrs Griffin – Silver asparagus tray and fork

Mr G E Lomax (St Helens) – silver flower vase

Miss Gamble (Belfast) – set of toilet mats

Mr A L Caughey (Holywood, Co Down) – painted fan

Mrs Tupping – hot water jug

Mr and Mrs A McMacking (Dough, Co Antrim) – silver and china fruit dishes, cream jug and sugar basin

The Misses Moore (Formby) – table centre

Miss M Bull – teapot

Miss Hutchinson – painted table centre