Francis Hilton and Elizabeth Bushe

They had six children:

  1. James: b 1769 Sussex marr Catherine Hastings 1788 Steyning, Sussex - eight children
  2. Samuel: b 1766
  3. Elizabeth: b 1775 d 1872 marr Joseph Henry Barchard at Much Hadham 1812. Her husband left his estate to her. They had no children She left her estate to various members of extended Barchard family and Joseph Royle's cousins. She did not mention Hilton or Bush family members in her will.
  4. William: b 1762 marr Anna Maria Searle. Left £13,000 by his father.
  5. Francis: christened 9th September 1765 All Hallows the Less. Died 4 March 1845. Admitted to Freedom of Livery 6th December 1786. 1792 granted freedom of city of London. To the Court 1st December 1802 and served as Prime Warden 1815 - Dyer's Company. 1799 paid income tax of £365 8s 5d on gross income of £5295. Bought £3,000 of Consols for £1,945. By 1804 bought £11,830 of consold for £6,294. 1812 war tax £15 10s 4d on London house. 1826 first mention of partnership with Mr Barchard.
    1834 bought 2 estates on Lincolnshire: Gosberton and Whaplode for £25,700. he left in his will £20,000 to his sister Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Henry Barchard. He left to each of his cousins, James and William Hilton, £15,000 in 3% bank annuities. To his godson Francis Barchard he left the balance of his estate to value of about £200,000.
  6. George: christened 3rd July 1767 All Hallows the Less.

the barchard connection

Joseph Barchard b 1711 Hornsea E Yorkshire d 1770 Soutwark had moved to London in 1728 ahd became an apprenticene dyer to Nathaniel Thorney. He married Mary Griffin in 1735 and they had three sons and six daughters.


Their son Joseph b 1746 d 1831 marr Jane Royle in 1771. They had five sons. One of these, Francis Barchard b 1796 d 1856 was left most of the estate of his godfather Francis Hilton (1765 - 1845) which he used to build Horsted Place in 1850.


Their son Joseph Henry Barchard b 1777 d 1852 had married in 1812 Elizabeth Hilton, sister of Francis (mentioned in the previous paragraph). When he died he left everything to his wife who on her death left her estate to members of the extended Barchard and Royle families (on her husband's side of the family), but nothing to the Hilton and Bushe family members on her side. This caused considerable rancour that was remembered for many years!