Daniel [Berlin\Jaffe] Itzig (b 18 Mar 1722 Berlin d 21 May 1799 Berlin) was appointed Munzjude 'mint-master' by Frederick the Great in 1756. In 1797 he became court-banker under Frederick Wilhelm II.


His parents were Isaac (Itzig Jaffe \ Itzig Eschwege) Daniel (b 1679 Greatz d 14th May 1741 Markisch-Friedland) a horse dealer and supplier to the 'Von Zietan' Hussar Regiment. He married Kela Eschwe and they had 8 children. His father, Daniel Jaffe aus Graetz/Greiditz (1650 - 1750) had been a dealer.


Isaac Daniel and Kela had 8 children:

  1. Meyer Eschwege Itzig d 1764 marr Ester Levin Jacob 1750 Berlin
  2. Vogel Isaac Itzig b 1712 d 1758 Berlin marr Samuel b. Jehuda Lob Helfft (Levin) 1830 Berlin; one child
  3. Moses Eschwege: b bef 1715 Berlin d Breslau of plague. He represented brother Daniel's business interests in Breslau. Marr Lea Israel 1829 Berlin. 6 children including Gitel bat Moses (Henrietta) (1749 Berlin - 1824 Berlin) who married David Sussman Samter in 1770.
  4. Bela Fliess b 1720
  5. Pessgen Itzik b 1721 d 1808 marr 1754 Berlin Isaak Flesch. One son.
  6. Daniel Itzig b 1722 d 1799 marr Marianne Wolffin 1747.
  7. Hanna Itzig b 1726
  8. Rachel Itzig b 1732 Berlin d 1789 marr Wolff Hirsch Cohn 1747.


Daniel (1722 - 1799) and his wife Marianne [Miriam]\Wolf[Wulff] Wolffin (b 1727 Berlin d 1788 Berlin), had 16 children.

  1. Hannah [Channah]: 1748 Berlin - 1801 Berlin, marr. Joseph Moses (Carl Ferdinand) Fliess 1766. 5 children.
  2. Bella 'Babette': 1749 Berlin - 1824 Berlin marr Levin Jacob Salomon 1775 Berlin. They had four children of whom, Lea 'Lilly', married Abraham Mendelssohn. They had four children, one of whom was Felix Mendeissohn 91809 - 1847). In 1823, Mendelssohn learned that Zelter owned a complete manuscript of the  St. Matthew Passion, and his grandmother Babette Itzig Solomon was  able to secure a copy from Zelter, which she passed on to Felix.
  3. Isaac Daniel: 1750 - 1806 marr Hanne Ephraim 1773 (1 child), marr Edel Isak Wulff 1783 (9 children).
  4. Bluemchen Susanna: b 1752 Berlin d 1814 marr David Friedlander 1772 Berlin. They had 2 children.
  5. Moses Daniel: 1754 - 1783 Berlin. Marr Miriam Oppenheim. One child.
  6. Elias Daniel: b 1755 Berlin d 1818 Potsdam. Ran his father's leather factories. Marr Marianne Leffmann 1776 Berlin. 9 children.
  7. Bonem ?? Benjamin: b 1756. had one son.
  8. Benjamin Daniel Ilsing: b 1756 d 1833 Frankfurt Oder. Marr Zipora Wulff 1780 Berlin. Three children.
  9. Fanny [Feigele\Vogele]: b 1758 Berlin d 1818 Vienna. Marr Baron Nathan Adam (Aron) von Arnstein. Fanny Itzig, the sister of Bach patron Sara Itzig Levy, who was  married to Maskil Nathan Arnstein, gave Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a  copy of Mendelssohn's Phaedon while he was writing The Abduction from the Seraglio. At the time, Mozart was lodging in the same house in  Vienna as the Arnsteins
  10. Caecilie Zippora: b 1760 Berlin d 1836 Vienna. Marr Bonem (Benjamin Wulff) Dessau 1777 Berlin, marr Freiher Bernard von Eskeles 1800 Vienna. Fanny's sister Cecilia Itzig was married to Bernhard Eskeles, who  originally was the suitor of Dorotea Mendelssohn (Schlegel), Moses's  daughter, who also lived in Vienna. Cecilia, while residing in  Vienna, maintained close friendship to the Humboldts and Goethe. The  husbands of the two Itzig sisters were partners in the firm of  Arnstein and Eskeles, one of the most prominent banking houses in  Vienna.  Beethoven dedictaed to her ' Edel sei der Mensch, Hulfriech und gut.'
  11. Sarah: b 1761 Berlin d 1854 Berlin. Marr Samuel Solomon Levy 1783. As a young girl, Daniel Itzig's daughter, Sara Itzig Levy (b. 1763)  studied music with Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. She became his prize  pupil and, later, his most significant financial patron. She also  studied the music of C.P.E. Bach, and, at his death, she became the  patron of his widow. Sara commissioned a bust of C.P.E. Bach which,  years later, was placed in the concert hall of the Royal Theater in  Berlin. Beginning in the 1780's, Sara hosted and directed family  musikabends (house-concerts), where she championed the works of J.S.  and C.P.E. Bach. These musikabends were famous, and friends from  leading intellectual and music circles would always attend. (The  family was so committed to the Bachs, that they were accused of  running a Bach cult!)
  12. Rebekka: b 1763 Berlin d 1843 Vienna marr David Veitel Ephraim 1784. One son.
  13. Jacob Israel: 1764 - 1838 Berlin. marr Sarah Wulff 1785 Berlin. One son.
  14. Recha: 1766 - 1841
  15. Juette Henrietta [Jettchen\Yetta]: b 1767 marr Mendal Oppenheim 1791.
  16. Lea b 1768 Berlin d Sep 1794 Berlin marr Bernhard Seligmann Jun 1794 Berlin.