Bella 'Babette' Itzig (27th Oct. 1749 - 9 March 1824) married (2nd May 1775 Berlin)  Levin Jacob Salomon (18th Sep. 1738 - 18th June 1783).


They had four children:

  1. Clara Salomon: marr. Herz. 1 child.
  2. Rebekka Salomon: 1776 - 1810. Marr. Bernhard Seligmann 1796. 2 children.
  3. Lea 'Lilly' Itzig Salomon: 1777 - 12 Dec. 1842. Marr. Abraham Mendelssohn (Bartholdy) 1804 Hamburg. 4 children. She was the niece of the very musical Sara Itzig b1763 who studied with Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. She  received piano lessons from the same Kirnberger who trained Moses  Mendelssohn, and it was she who trained young Felix and his siblings  in the rudiments of the keyboard, basing her instruction upon Bach's  "Well-Tempered Clavier." (Felix's sister Fanny had memorized the  "Well-Tempered Clavier" by age thirteen.
  4. Jakob Levi Salomon Bartholdy: b 1779 d 1825. He was a Prussian diplomat who assembled a valuable collection of antiques for the Berlin Museum of Art.