British Postcards 6

the postcards of James Spiers Carson

James was born in 1888 in Pittington, Co. Durham to Thomas Carson  (b. 1855) an assistant overseer and Jessie (b. 1857). He has several siblings including Catherine b. 1881, Marie b. 1886 and Eva b. 1891. He appears in the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses in Pittington and in 1911 is described as a carter, single.


He enlisted on 9th September 1914 and his application states that he had already spend a completed term of 4 years in the Royal; Field Artillery 3rd North. He was 5ft 7ins, weighed 146 lbs, had a dark complexion and blue eyes, and described himself as a carting contractor. His military record shows that on 6/10/1914 he was appointed gunner, then, on arrival in France in July 1915 acting sergeant and by the end of the month Battery Quarter Master Sergeant. However by September 1917 his commanding officer was requesting that he be replaced because of his lack of command experience and initiative. In October 1917 he returned to the UK and was BQMS at the R.A. & Tanks Corps. He contracted flu in November 1918 but recovered and was discharged from the army in January 1919.


He never married and died in Pittington in 1925.

Postcard 1: To Mr J Carson from Box 2007 PO Lethbridge Albta Canada


Dear Jim you must excuse me from not writing before now but I have been very busy out here and I was very glad when I got your face on the P.C. it makes me think of home when I got it so I think this is all from yours W.W.I

Postcard 2: To Mr J Carson 2nd Durham R.F.A. Bare Lane Camp Morecombe


Sorry I did not write back we are so busy Cant get away this weekend hope you enjoy yourself. H G Esq

Postcard 3: To Miss C S Carson, Pittington


Good Morning State what due think ?? this

Postcard 4: To Miss Marie Carson, Auldgarth House, Low Pittington



Legend: Dear... We arrived safely but had difficulty in finding lodgings. At last near midnight we were fortunate in securing the above. Yours....

p.s. I cannot for my life think why I dreamt of sweet roses.

Postcard 5: To James Carson



Legend: Its very lonely here.


Dear Jim, Just a PC hoping you are first class. I'm having a ripping time amongstthe boys and someone here you know. Hope to see you very soon. Best love from myself and ?Alison. Be good til I see you. Love to all at home. ?Coa.

Postcard 6: To James Carson



Legend: Did it ever happen to you?


Dear Jim got your PC. Glad to see by it your mother and father got home safe hope you are all in the best of health. Glad to say G is better than he was up and about but ?? at working yet.  I ?? very well and cheery. I ?? think you will sit ?? this summer try it.. We are having plenty rain rain everything looking well what did you think of the party at the ??

Postcard 7: To James Carson



Legend: 1. They start out feeling bright and gay to drive to Brighton all the way


Dear Jim (meant to have ?? letter answered but too late now) Pleased to know our dear friends are coming, it is wet today, but do hope it clears up and let them have a good weather. Its been very nice this while back. Hope you are all fairly well and that Nichol is better again after his bad turn a while ago. We expect mother will be in eden by this  but hasn't had word of her arrival yet, father is very very ill so she was going to see him, poor chap, it appears his time on earth is drawing near now. Now dear I hope you are behaving. I should like you here to take me a ?? any night would suit, as appointments now, are all up a tree long ago, so it only seems a post dream Ta Ta they will be getting all new shorts. xx much love to everyone from Jean xx

Postcard 8: To J Carson



Legend: Situations Vacant. Are You Out of Work? Get Married and You'll Soon Be Doing Overtime!


So pleased to get your PC. Hope this one will find you all as it leaves us and that is all trolling about. What lovely weather we are having. Everything is looking so pretty. The men still busy among the turnips yet they have no hay this year. Hope your father keeps well. From Agge.

Postcard 9: To Jim Carson



Legend: Always Merry and Bright - a nice, hot Mustard Poultice


Dear Old Jim, Don't you think this is a good likeness to Dave. We are still having a great time and are both feeling tip top now. Have just returned from the Forth Bridge and are off to Calton Hills now. Best love from Dave and Anna.