french postcards 13

My beloved; receive from your Francis who loves you and thinks about you always the very best kisses, caresses and souvenir. Always for my darling little Yvonne whom I love; and whom I adore for life. A million kisses for my dear little Yvonne from your dear Francis who loves you and adores you for life and for always, my darling whom I love. Francis who loves you.

Postcard 32:

Legend: Alsace-Lorraine French forever


Dear sister,

Today Sunday we are having a well-deserved rest as during the week we work enough always in the mud for a change. I have received mum’s letter of the 8th the day before yesterday. I thank you very much for the bread tickets but I had received those that you had sent me. You will tell mum that there is no hurry to send me a bank mandate- I have enough money for the time being.

Nothing else for today. I have finished. I think that mum would have received my card- it is not that pretty as I only bought the mount. I could not find white card to put it on. Receive a thousand kisses from your brother. Victor.

Note: The postcard, a personification of the lands of Alsace-Lorraine, celebrates the recovery of the north-eastern territories of France. Alsace-Lorraine territories were conceded by France to Germany after the defeat of 1871 (Treatise of Frankfurt 10 May 1871). The loss of these rich lands had been a great cause of resentment and one of the many reasons for the 1914-1918 war against Germany. After the hand-over of Alsace-Lorraine to Germany in 1871, around 128 000 French people left the occupied territories to move to other parts of France. Alsace-Lorraine was declared Reichsland and a governor (Statthalter) was put in place to administer the occupied land. In spite of German investments and efforts to modernize cities and improve the social welfare of its population (establishment of a strong and generous social security system), the local French population continued to express its discontentment on several occasions. The 1918 victory over Germany sees Alsace-Lorraine revert to France. This is officially ratified in the Treaty of Versailles signed on 28 June 1919. This is the document that officially ends the state of war between Germany and the allied although the actual fighting did end on 11 November 1918 (day of the Armistice). The postcard is dated 12/01/19. Soldiers are still mobilized but there is no more fighting and everyone is celebrating the return of Alsace-Lorraine to French rule although this has not been officially signed yet.