British Postcards 7

The postcards of Rupert 'RUE' to Ivy

Ivy Dorothy Walker (b. 1895) came originally from Scarborough but in 1911 was living at the Eaglescliffe Hotel Stockton-on-Tees where her father, James, was a licensed victualler. By 1912 she was living at 3 Emerald Street, Saltburn-on-Sea and by then she had met Rupert Johnson Pitchforth (b. 1892) who lived in Saltburn. He was qualifying to become a chemist, which he did in 1915.The only other information about him that survives is a mention in a local paper of a fine of 6s imposed on Rupert, his brother and others, for playing football in the street in 1908.


The correspondence which survives starts in 1912 and runs until 1915. They were married 2nd February at Aintree in Lancashire. At some point Rupert served as a pioneer with the Royal Engineers.


Ivy died childless in May 1932 in Saltburn; her husband reached the age of 74. However there appears to be evidence that Rupert married a second time, in June 1931in Hendon, before the death of his first wife. This marriage was to a Daisy Florence Matthews.