French postcards 6

Postcard 2

Legend: Our thought is always with you

Amplepuis 1 December 1914
Very dear Jean-Marie
I send you this card to let you know that I send you your waterproof coat and a plastron [chest protector] to put on your stomach to keep it nice and warm. This will protect you a bit from the cold; for you nothing is too expensive if that's to keep you in my affection. We are all well at the moment. I hope that my card will find you the same. Waiting to tell you more; I kiss you warmly and receive my very best wishes - from the one who loves you with whole her heart; your Clothilde who thinks about you.

Postcard 12: 30th January 1918

Legend: le rêve musical: en pensant à LA DO RE (l’adoré) MI MI (Mimi- short for Michelle and other first names) fait DO DO (dodo- childish word for sleep)

Translation: The musical dream: as she is thinking about the adored, Mimi has a little sleep.

Paraphrase: card sent by a soldier called Florentin to his wife. She is worried as he has been told that he is going to change unit. He does not know where he is going yet but he will still be “à l’arrière” [not on the front line]. His wife told him that he should try to get a position as an army driver (devenir chauffeur). He explains that this is very unlikely to happen.