British Postcards 9

Postcard 10: Believed to be the Guernsey Militia in WWI

Postcard 11: It's a long long way to Tipperary (1)

Dear Tom, I hope you will enjoy your holidays. I heard you could sing very nicely. I am sure that is true as you used to sing very nicely to Auntie. Granda Grandma send their best love. lots of love from Auntie

Postcard 12: Messager de la Famille - reviens vite pour nous donner de ses nouvelles, fidele messager

Field Post 28/6/1915 addressee Miss Balmer, 57 Clay Street, Workington, Cumberland

Dear Helen, just a line hope it finds you ?? quite well ?? rest at home I ?? ?? letter from mother but could not  find yours and mother's address ...

Postcard 13: Belgian Field Artillery in action

30/5/1916 address Miss Temple 25a Scotch St, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England

Dear Aunty Bell, I recieved your PC many thanks. I am keeping A1. The weather is lovely just now. I hope Bennie gets leave soon. Fondest loved to all, Elsie

Postcard 14: Belgians searching a haycart for spies


Dear Aunty Bell, The mail is late leaving again this week. We are having glorious weather now, it is much cooler things seem to be very bad at home, mother tells me how dear food is. I haven't heard from Dad yet, he must have forgotten he has a daughter. How is Grannie give her my best love. Love to yourself Elsie.

Postcard 15: Don't worry about me. I'm all right.

12/11/1917 addressee Mrs J Jackson, Ullock Houses, Ullock, Cumberland

Don't worry about me I'm allright. Frances

Postcard 16: "Clicked"

7th?? 1918 Cockermouth

addressee Miss Lily Pamper, Nurses Home, 60 Bolton Road, Danever, Lanc

Dear Lily, Just a few lines hoping you are in the pink as it leaves me at ?? we are in Cockermouth and having a fine time. love Alice

Postcard 17: If I Once Get Hold

5/9/1914 address Mrs W Jackson, Ellesck, nr Cockermouth, Cumberland

Woolton Hills House L-pool

My Darling, Just a line to let you know we are still in the land of the living. We have not gone to war yet but nearly all the  ?? have gone saw ?? on Friday. Hilda is in hospital  very ???

Postcard 18: Well Done John

16/10/1914 addressee John Ellis Esq 81 Sefton Park Rd Liverpool

Have just left St Bee's and had a very nice journey, not a bit cold and company all the way; have got quite a lot of knitting done. Will post this in Whitehaven Station. Love to all from M.W.E.

Postcard 19: 3/10/1916  The Raider publication sanctioned by official press bureau

addressee Miss M Martin 18 Slighbury Gdns, Ilford, Essex

L.M.Il. I am wondering if you saw last night's zepp as it came down almost the same spot from here as the  ???? one. This is my last night on duty I think & I shall not be sorry. We had  6 hrs  total darkness last night. Shall be coming over for half day soon. Love to both. Lil

Postcard 20: The Low Down Thing - Next Morning - sanctioned by official press bureau

3/10/1916 Lewisham addressee Miss Ward, 18 Slighbury Gdns, Ilford, Essex

L.M.Il. Monday

This is the zepp that landed in the mouth of the Thames. We're getting quite used to them now the worst part is nursing in the dark. Could you let me have Mrs Doveis address & I would get her to alter my eaton [??] frocks if she has time. Love to both Lil.

Postcard 21: A Destroyer firing torpedoes

9/10/?? Portsmouth Addressee Miss S M Green, Peanting Villas, Broughton Moor, Maryport, Cumberland

Dear Nancy, Just a little card, which may be interesting to you. If you keep this one I may be able to send you some more to keep it company at some future time. Hoping you are all well, love from Uncle John.

Postcard 22: HMS Natal (sunk at anchor 30/12/1915)

Barrow in Furness 1915, Addressee Mrs Jas Leggett, Lase Vrein [?], High Harrington, Cumberland

Put my brushes in and plenty of ????. I will send the ????

Dear Mother! Please send my Base [?]. Tell [?] my what it cost you & I will send it at the week end. Jim

Postcard 23: Port Said - The Port

Addressee G W Storey, 8 Bank's Place, Keswick, Cumberland

With fondest love from your loving father J Storey xxxxx

Postcard 24:The Boat House Shearwater

Sutton Veny Camp Warminster 1/11/1915 to Miss J Lawson 19 St Edmund's Road Gateshead on Tyne

Dear Jane, Hello there! This place is two miles from where we are stationed. We were going today but alas it has rained cats and dogs all day may looking well & I am nicely thanks hows yourself. Kind regards to all Percy

Postcard 25: Dunkerque - facade de l'Eglise Saint Eloi

Army 1.4.1919 On Active Service, Dunkirk to Mrs Clark Tyrrell Street Gateshead Co Durham

Arrived here yesterday 43 hours on ??. Now awaiting embarkation. Was just ?? draft this morning. Home in a day or two more. Hope all is well. G R F Clark 344260 R G A

Postcard 26: "Bath! Must I 'ave a Bath? C-Couldn't you just go over me wiv one o' them Vacuum Cleaners?'

Postmark 15/4/1917 to Mr C Whitehead, 3 Carlton Terrace, Milton Rd, Edge Lane, Liverpool

Dear Chas, Can you beat this, if so send to yours B E

Postcard 27: Notice All Workers on Munitions will work in Shifts. "Well, I want to do my bit, but I draw the line at that!!"

To Gnr C Watts, 2nd/1st Shropshire R H A, 138 Brigade R F A, B E F, France

Dear Bro Charlie, Just a line hoping this will find you in the best of spirits as it leaves me quite alright just mind how you go on with the French lassies sorry I cant change over & should not mind if it was so good bye I am your loving bro Sid.

Postcard 28: The Inquisitive One - "Have you been wounded Sir?" The other one - "No mi lady I was cleaning the canary's cage out an' the little beggar flew at me ...."

Postcard 29: The Kaiser's Arrival in Hell (official)

Postcard 30: on reverse handwritten: HMS Leamington minesweeper

HMS Leamington was a Hunt class minesweeper built in 1918.

Postcard 31:H M T Huntspill

in reverse handwritten 'this is a picture of the boat we are on at present. Not a big one is it. I've just found this in my kit. I thought I'd sent it. Man

The Huntspill was transformed into a troopship in 1915.

Postcard 32: HMS Goliath

Miss Teavell [?] Main St Keswick

I went over the Weymouth yesterday to see Olive and found this photo of Capt J Stewart's ship in shop. I think you will like to have it. I hope to go home on the 8th and shall lose no time in going to see you. We had rain this morning, the first for two months. The Whitehouse Shillingstone Blandford .... Oct 2

Note: HMS Goliath, a pre-dreadnought battleship, launched in 1898, took part in the Dardanelles campaign of 1915. She was sunk in May of that year by torpedoes.

Postcard 33: To Wish You a Happy Birthday

to Master G Grrombridge, 62 Saxton Street, Gillingham, Kent

Many Happy Returns from Auntie Floss with love to Georgie

Postcard 34: If you were only here

to Miss Maudie Groombridge, 62 Saxton Street, Gillingham, Kent

From Uncle George

Postcard 35: Tawstock Court

to Master W Poole, Creech Heathfield, Creech St Michael, Taunton

26/9/1917 Tawstock Court, Barnstaple

Dear Walter, I have been going to answer your letter to me for a long time. I hope you and Ally Mother and Dad are all well. I am going back to Jordon in a fortnight's time . I am not looking forward to it. Give my love to all and yourself. VC xxxxx

[It seems likely that the writer is serving with the Royal North Devon Yeomanry. In 1917-18 units served in Palestine and were present at the capture and defence of Jerusalem  at the end of 1917.]

Postcard 36: 

to Mrs F Poole, Creech, Taunton

Dear mother. I can go to Taunton on Sat[?] She is going to py me. I am going by the 2.30 train you can go in with Coombs and hen I will come home with you will meet you at the Swan much love Looo tell granny to look out for train we can call for my watch

Postcard 37:

Miss H Poole c/o Mrs Orchard, Langaller, Creech St Michael. Taunton

Dear H just a PC from here having a fine time with love from Mam

Postcard 38: 7/7/1914

To Mr A Emmerson, Mill Lane, Grainthorpe

Postcard 39: 19/11/1914

to Mr C Emmerson, 39 Ladysmith Road, Grimsby

 40: 3/10/1916

to Mrs C Emmerson, 39 Ladysmith Road, Grimsby, Lincs

41: 26/11/1916

to Miss Roberton, 4 Thornberry Tce, Penzance, Cornwell


Dear Millie, Hope all are well at home. Going strong Love dad [Frank]


In 1911 the Robertson family were living in London at 4 Burnbury Road, Balham. Frank E Roberton, 35, was a government telegraphist, born in Portsmouth. Margaret A Roberton age 35 had been married to Frank for 11 years; she had been born in Penzance. Their daughter Millicent was 10 and had been born in London. It seems probable that during WWI Margaret and Millie returned to Cornwall. Frank served in the Royal Engineers in France; he entered service 20/7/1915.

42: 10/3/1916

Mrs Roberton, 4 Thornberry Tce, Penzance, Cornwell

On Active Service

Dear Mag Going strong and well. Best love old dear Hope all well, Frank

43: 30/3/1918

Miss N Pawsey [?] 35 Butter Market, Bury St Eds, Suffolk

Have been expecting a line from you but no luck up to the present. Love to all Ernie


Ernest George Pawsey (b 1894) was the eldest son of Frederick and Jane of 35 Butter Market. In 1911 Frederick was a printer and stationer; Ernest was a clerk. In this postcard he writes to his younger sister Nellie.

44: 10/3/1916

Mrs Roberton, 4 Thornberry Tce, Penzance, Cornwell

Dear Mag, Going strong and well. Snowing againb. had a card from Bert. He is quite well and having better time of it now. Best love old dear. Frank